Taking democracy from arrogance to intimacy at TEDxRhodes

For many of us, democracy has become arrogant, controlling and controlled by the wrong people. In this video I talk about how we can put people back at the centre, making democracy open, co-productive and intimate.

Democracy is broken, we despair at the rise of bureaucracy and we feel ignored. I want to challenge us to rebuild democracy so that it becomes inviting, inclusive and intimate. If we become active citizens, when we start to see society as a network things can change. A networked society means focusing on mutuality, trust and co-creation. When we become intimate we create an intention to shift power so that it’s used ‘with’ us; for the benefit of all not the privilege of the few.

Watch my talk from TEDxRhodes 2015 here and if you enjoy it, check out my book with Martin Sande too:



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