Category: Poetry

New poetry collection: Lost. And Found

My new collection of poetry has just been published, you can buy a nice retro print copy from Amazon UK or (it’s worth it as the print quality is better!) or take a look online and download it if...

Behind the yellow line

a cold wind from the east comes in off the river it tears through the gaps in the concrete walls   it tears through anyone getting in its way   people everywhere pushing against it moving quickly to escape  ...

Irony (haiku)

it is ironic that what you truly desire are the poet’s words 2008

Unfinished poem

why are you reading these words? they aren’t your words they are mine not yet formed who is she? I don’t know or I won’t say because it doesn’t matter why are you so afraid? this isn’t a script for...


I desire you the curve of your body the softness of your skin your head on my shoulder and our fingers entwined 2007

Hold up your hand

hold up your hand our fingers open then fold tightly around each other you squeeze my hand and I reply love travels like electricity from half a world away in this moment it is as if I never left 2007