Re-imagining Leadership and Transforming Engagement

I work with parliaments, governments and public agencies and local government to create cultures of internal innovation and to transform their engagement strategies to support new digital and social channels. This work is about cultural transformation and re-building relationships to increase trust and support effective consultation, transparency and co-creation of policy and practice.

I understand how digital and social media support organisations and campaigns and how effective policy supports the better democracy, digital infrastructure, creative industries and communities.

Digital Strategy and Social Networking

I help organisations with high level transformation and change, strategic assessment, process modelling and improvement through to digital and social strategies. I’m a forthright advocate for good practice digital and face-to-face engagement. Underpinning this work is the focus on technology as a channel, a tool to enable effective engagement and participation and revitalise our systems of government and democracy but equally on the need for a reimagining of democratic leadership, a philosophy of openness and co-creation and the need for innovation.

Digital Democracy

I am an international expert in the use of digital media to better connect citizens, civil society, parliaments and governments. My achievements include infrastructure projects, research, consultancy and advising up to Ministerial level. I understand the technical and strategic value and importance of transparency government, open data and social tools, my experience means that I can challenge the incumbency, support internal transformation and help create stronger democracy that better reflects our modern societies.

Digital Campaigns

The internet and particularly social media have transformed campaigning for political parties and for the not for profit sector. My experience helps me to understand the value of networks, the power of mass mobilisation, supporting local action and harnessing technology to improve campaign reach. I understand the pros and cons of digital campaigning and my experience working with both campaigners and legislators gives me a unique perspective.

Start-ups and Organisational Maturity

I work with digital and social innovators from start-up through the key stages of maturity to ensure that good ideas are matched by sound business skills and resources. Working with teams to ensure that the structures and processes are appropriate and manageable as organisations mature, I’ve worked with start-up technology companies, established IT companies and intrapreneurial units within the corporate and government sector.

Research & Research Management

Qualitative research, mixed methods, evaluation, research supervision, research management and the facilitation of networks. Projects include the set-up and launch of an applied ICT research centre, the establishment of a national ICT research cluster and success in obtaining contestable research funding. I undertake research in areas such as community informatics, eGovernment and eDemocracy, economic development and intellectual capital. As well as publishing and presenting internationally on applied and community-based research, I have expertise in the design and development of research practice, research management and have edited a book on applied research.

Writing and Speaking

I’m a frequent commentator on digital engagement, strengthening democracy and campaigning. I regularly appear on TV and radio, ranging from BBC Newsnight to Al Jazeera, BBC Radio 4 to the Voice of America, Radio France Internationale and Voice of Russia. I am often cited in newspapers and magazines and have written for publications ranging from The Guardian and the Yorkshire Post to academic journals and specialist magazines.

I’m regualrly asked to speak at conferences, workshops and public forums. I’ve chaired conferences and panels from community centres to the UK House of Lords, Australian Parliament and the Swedish Riksdag. I’ve given plenary and keynote addresses all around the world, including the UK, Sweden, Peru, Poland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and South Africa.


A researcher with experience of supervision up to PhD level, I have also taught under- and post-graduate courses in the digital economy, community informatics, strategic planning and research methods. I’ve undertaken course development at degree and post-graduate level and I am a regular guest lecturer on digital engagement, campaigning and digital politics.